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Noya is a medium-early table potato variety, with a very smooth, light yellow skin and good resistance to scab. Noya has eye-catching tubers of uniform size even earlier in the growing season. It withstands a long period of storage.


Zrioba                                   Medium wound


The plant                                     Average height
                                              It has fast early growth   Covers the ground well
                                              The flowers are of normal size and white in color 

Tuber shape                     Round oval     Oca shallow, larger 

Skin and flesh color         Pale yellow, white

Yield                                   Very good


Quality                                 Firm consistency 
                                              Does not change the color of the meat    

                                              High content of dry matter and good taste


Flame leaf and tuber Slightly sensitive Fairly good resistance

Virus Y                                  Good resistance 

Golden nematode                 Resistant to Ro1,4


Wartiness                      Immun

Scabies                           Moderately sensitive   

Drought                                     Fairly good resistance

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