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About us

The company SOLANUM d.o.o. has been operating since 2008, and most of its activities are focused on the field of seed production. ​
We have a very successful cooperation with well-known European producers, processors and distributors of field crop seeds.

Our goal has always been to bring information about new varieties and hybrids to farmers, but also to offer seeds of new varieties and hybrids under the most favorable conditions. ​
The ultimate goal is that the seed, as an important factor in the cost price of the final product, should be as cheap as possible, and that with cheaper seeds we encourage the farmer to spend more and more QUALITY - CERTIFIED seed on his farm, which is a guarantee of a high yield and high quality of the final product. ​

However, most of our activities are focused on: organization of the production of seed potatoes distribution of seed potatoes in the area of ​​Southeast Europe.

Our partners in this business are the following companies: SOLANA GmbH & Co. KG from Germany DEN HARTIGH BV from the Netherlands Thanks to the trust of these companies, which have a tradition of more than 110 years behind them, we are in a situation where we can offer a large number of excellent varieties of potatoes to the market where we operate. ​

We tested varieties from these partners of ours in Croatia and other countries of South-Eastern Europe through the Varieties Commission, and led to their inclusion in the List of Recognized Varieties.​


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